Hello world

Today I just wanted to sit back and reflect on how much I really love my legs. Without them I would not be able to walk around and get things done, nor would I be able to kick anyone’s ass and be able to finger their bum holes with my toes. So I have decided to dedicate this blog post to them entirely. Actually no screw that, let’s talk about the most amazing leg ends in the world. Forest Gump has the most beautiful legs ever, and he can run. Forest Gump once said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, except from you do know what your gunna get because you can use your fucking eyes. God bless you all, stay tuned for next time.


A whole ‘nother level

Today I’m bringing you one of the finest pieces from our age, the leg ends these days aren’t what they used to be but this really shines a new light on the true quality of human legs. This leg was found floating in a lake by the daily mirror (a UK news company) and was released publicly on TV.

Mouldy Leg End
Mouldy Leg End

It’s not often the leg ends we post on this site are actually of this colour consistency. Most of the reason this leg is so oddly coloured is because of the biological fermentation of being stranding in a lake with all kind of bacteria eating away at it. They say that the remains of the body could also be in the same lake but as you guys know, we are only interested in the legs. You can see from the picture that some of the toes are slightly swollen from the fermentation.

Well I just thought I’d update you guys with another piece to bash off over tonight, just in case you ran out of legs in your wank bank.

My first Leg End!

Hey folks,

I just wanted to review my first leg end today on the new version of this website. We are not using a wordpress blog as it is much easier to document my findings on the web. Now let’s get started, the first leg end in the league of leg ends that I am reviewing is one of a muslim that blew up after a bomb has exploded – here is the aftermath!

White Muslims Leg End
White Muslims Leg End

As you can see from this leg end it looks very fresh and some of the bone is actually viewable, both the tibia and the calf. There is a small amount of blood dripping down the skin of the leg but for the most part it is very tidy. What’s very strange about this picture is that the skin complexion of the leg would suggest that the leg is in fact not severed and is still well circulated with blood, this could be because the leg utilises a self sustaining biological system, in which case we are looking at a true piece of art. In another case this could in fact be a phoney picture, created purely for illustrative purposes.

I’ll leave that one for you guys to decide. Thanks for reading folks, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates on only the best leg ends in our league.